Meet Lewis Hamilton - F1

Picture of Lewis Hamilton - F1 the Medium Duck
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In the vibrant city of Auckland, New Zealand, a future racing champion was born on the 19th of March, 2024. Introducing Lewis Hamilton - F1, the newest addition to the world. Born to proud parent Barry, little Lewis arrived in the world with a spirited energy that matched the fiery red colour scheme chosen for his birth announcement.

Lewis Hamilton - F1's arrival delighted his family and brought joy to the Auckland community. With a name that hints at a passion for speed and competition, it seems destined that this young arrival will make waves in the future of motorsports. Auckland, known for its stunning natural beauty and dynamic urban culture, provides a fitting backdrop for Lewis's journey as he grows and discovers his own path in the world.

As the city of Auckland embraces the start of Lewis Hamilton - F1's journey, the community eagerly anticipates the adventures and accomplishments he will surely pursue. With his bright future ahead and a name that evokes a sense of excellence and determination, young Lewis is already setting the stage for an exciting and impactful life ahead. Congratulations to proud parent Barry on the birth of this remarkable and promising child.

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19 March 2024

Visited Auckland, New Zealand

19th Mar, 2024

Born in Auckland, New Zealand