The Benefits of Keyrings and Keychains for Sensory Needs and Fidgeting

Published: 2024-06-30

Discover how flexible keyrings, sensory keyrings, and fidget keychains can assist with sensory processing, reduce stress, and improve focus for individuals with ADHD and autism. Explore their benefits as practical tools for everyday use.

Explore the Enchantment: Introducing Flexi ScAnimal Keyrings!

Published: 2024-06-29

Discover the versatility and charm of Flexi ScAnimal Keyrings with customizable options, unique QR codes for personalization, and a vibrant range of animals. Perfect for both sensory play and collecting, these keyrings are a delightful addition to any accessory collection.

Sensory Delights: Explore Our New ScAnimals Collection!

Published: 2024-06-15

Discover what, why and who was the inspiration behind this range of ScAnimals - perfect for sensory play.

Discover the benefits of using ScAnimals for children

Published: 2024-06-08

Discover the benefits of using ScAnimals for children. Learn how these educational toys enhance cognitive development, encourage imaginative play, and provide endless fun. Perfect for parents seeking engaging and educational experiences for their kids.

Make a Travel Memory, Scan a ScAnimal

Published: 2024-05-31

Travel with your ScAnimal, scan your locations, on return place him on a shelf and have a reference of places you travelled on that holiday