Meet Micah

Picture of Micah  the Giraffe
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In the bustling city of Hamilton, New Zealand, the soft chirping of birds welcomed a new ray of light into the world on the 22nd of May, 2024. Proud parent, Oliver, joyously embraced the arrival of his precious son, Micah, whose name means "who is like God."

With a head full of dark, Harold-colored locks and eyes that sparkle with curiosity, little Micah has already captured the hearts of those around him. Born in the vibrant city of Hamilton, known for its lush gardens and a strong sense of community, there is no doubt that this young one will be inspired by the beauty of his surroundings as he grows and learns about the world.

As the city of Hamilton continues to buzz with life, so does the household of Oliver and their newborn son, Micah. With every coo and gurgle, the little one brings a newfound sense of joy and wonder into their lives, a testament to the power of new beginnings and unconditional love.

And so, as the sun sets over the charming city of Hamilton, we celebrate the arrival of Micah, a bright light who is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of knowing him. Welcome to the world, little one, may your journey be filled with happiness, love, and endless possibilities.

QR Scans9
Locations Recorded8
Cities Visited6
Countries Visited2
Distance Traveled15445.3 km's (9597.26 mi)

12 June 2024

Visited Hamilton, New Zealand

08 June 2024

Visited San Francisco, United States

02 June 2024

Visited Honolulu, United States

01 June 2024

Visited Lihue, United States

30 May 2024

Visited Kailua Kona, United States

29 May 2024

Visited Hilo, United States

22nd May, 2024

Born in Hamilton, New Zealand