Meet Pinky Pat

Picture of Pinky Pat the Small Duck
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Barry joyfully welcomes a beautiful new addition to his family as Pinky Pat made a sparkling entrance into the world on May 17th, 2024, in the stunning city of Tauranga, New Zealand. Clad in a delicate hue of pink that sparkled with a touch of white, baby Pinky brings a sense of joy and wonder to her father's life.

Tauranga, nestled along the Bay of Plenty, is a picturesque coastal gem known for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and warm community spirit. As Pinky Pat begins her journey in this vibrant city, she is surrounded by the beauty of nature and the inviting waters of the bay, promising a life full of adventures and exploration.

With her arrival, Pinky has brought a sense of magic and wonder to Barry's world, filling his heart with love and pride. As they embark on this new chapter together, the bond between father and daughter grows stronger with each passing moment, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

As Pinky Pat's story unfolds in the enchanting city of Tauranga, the future shines brightly with endless possibilities. With a name as unique as her personality and a spirit as vibrant as her color palette, Pinky is sure to make a colorful mark on the world, spreading love and joy wherever she goes. Cheers to a bright future filled with laughter, love, and endless pink sparkles!

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17 May 2024

Visited Rotorua, New Zealand

17th May, 2024

Born in Tauranga, New Zealand