Meet Quackers

Picture of Quackers  the Small Duck
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The city of Auckland welcomed a precious addition to its community on the 12th of May, 2024. Quackers, a delightful new arrival, brought joy and excitement to their parents, Morgan.

With a feathered coat showcasing a beautiful ombre hue, Quackers' unique appearance surely stands out. From the tip of their little beak to the webbed feet that will one day explore the wonders of the world, every detail of this charming individual promises a life filled with adventure and curiosity.

Born into the vibrant and diverse city of Auckland, Quackers is already set to be surrounded by stunning landscapes, breathtaking beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. As they grow and learn about their surroundings, one can only imagine the endless possibilities this enchanting city will offer them.

As the world eagerly awaits to see how Quackers will make their mark on the world, one thing is for certain - this special duckling has already captured the hearts of those around them and is destined for a future as bright and colorful as their ombre feathers. Welcome, Quackers, may your journey be filled with endless quacks of happiness and adventure!

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12 May 2024

Visited Whangaparāoa, New Zealand

12th May, 2024

Born in Auckland