Make a Travel Memory, Scan a ScAnimal

By Barry Murphy on 2024-05-31

Relive Your Adventures with ScAnimals
The Ultimate Collectable and Travel Toy

Don't you love it when your phone or social media pops up a memory from a holiday years back?
When someone asks where you traveled, don't you wish you could show it on a map quickly and easily?


Have You Got a Holiday Coming Up?

Turn your trip into an adventure with ScAnimals, the perfect combination of a collectable toy, travel toy, and geocaching companion. Here's how you can make the most of your journey with ScAnimals:

  1. Before you leave on your holiday, purchase your favorite ScAnimal.
  2. Scan & Name your ScAnimal using its unique QR code.
  3. Start your travel adventure: Scan your ScAnimal at the airport and record its location.
  4. Arrive at your destination: Whether it's the airport, your hotel, or Disney World, scan your ScAnimal and record your location.
  5. Explore new places: At each new destination, scan and record your ScAnimal’s location.
  6. Create lasting memories: Once you return home, place your ScAnimal somewhere visible to remind you of your journey.
  7. Share your adventure: Log into the member section and place your ScAnimal on the virtual shelf.

Why ScAnimals?

ScAnimals are more than just a collectable toy. They are a travel toy that helps you relive your adventures and share them with others. Each ScAnimal comes with a QR code that makes it easy to track your travels and create a visual map of your journey. Whether you're geocaching, exploring new places, or simply enjoying a vacation, ScAnimals are your perfect adventure toy.


Look Back and Share Your Journey

At any point, you can look back on your travels. Simply scan the bottom of your ScAnimal or log into your account to view your trip. Share your travel map with friends and family on social media or via email, and let them see the exciting adventures you've had with your ScAnimal.

Start your adventure today with ScAnimals, the ultimate collectable and travel toy that makes every trip unforgettable.